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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Books im loving right now...

So i got a parcel in the post the other day (parcels are always brilliant) and it was 3 books i ordered off of amazon; Francois Nars - Makeup your mind £17.83, Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual £12.18 and Linda Mason - Eye Candy £5.24.

My favourite of all 3 is definetly the Bobbi Brown Make-up manual, because it has so many important parts to it from Skin care, actual application and getting into the idustry. It's brilliant that she write about all aspects of the job and not just the application. Although i know i want to go into television and film, she has opened my eyes to other areas. i think its great how she talks about all the different areas as anybody unsure will get some kind of idea. She also talks about how to break into the industry and advice on how to build a portfolio and professional kit.

Eye Candy - Linda Masons book is brilliant for ideas for use of colour. before getting this book i was worried about pairing certain colours etc but she gives examples for almost every possible look from Funky to flirtatious.
If you own alot of Nars products then Make-up Your Mind is the book for you as it contains looooads of looks using all the products. It gives a before and after shot with a accitate page inbetween sectioning out where he placed the products, if you dont get what i mean and or havent already checked it out Pixiwoo/Fashionfacetv made a video/blog post about useful books for make-up artists and this one is on there along with a looad of other fabulous make-up books! Also gives you a professional opinion!

I however dont own any Nars make-up products cause right now i have to back do with mostly drugstore, so all i can do is imitate the looks but i still love it as some of the looks are amazing! I copied a look from there recently and will post pictures, but right now my mum has gone on holiday and taken the camera lead with her! boooo.

Anyways i hope this was useful and i extremerly recommend getting these books they are brilliant! Blog again soon, dont forget to follow :) ciao xo