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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Barry M Nail Paint

So i am totally in love with the Barry M nail paints, i recently got a couple more in some brighter shades ready for summer, this one is in the colour Coral. Now, i think that coral is a mix of orange and pink this is a little more orange than pink but nethertheless its a beautiful colour. It can look a different colour at different times of the day if that makes sense lol. Like at night it appears more orange and depending on how bright the sun is it can look more pink. Despite this i still love it, i always think sometimes if im super tanned wearing a bright nail polish can look a bit tacky it always reminds me of Katie Price (N) but this doesnt, it just looks quirky.
The Barry M nail paints themselves are easy to apply but i would recommend putting a layer of clear polish over the top because they can chip at the top of the nail quite quickly. They offer a massive range of colours, which i s why thats where i get pretty much all my nail polishes because they have everything you would want.

So thats all i have to say on that :) I've finished my first year exams and now back at college starting my second year :( cant wait till september when i start my make-up for fashion and photography super exciteddddddd. But im going to London next month, im going to get lots of goodies i've been saving for about a year now so!! I have that to look forward to.

have a lovely day and Happy Fathers day to my dad and all the other men in my life that are looking out for me. Love you all xo

Monday, 7 June 2010

Outfit of the day :)

It's been really really really hot here in Southampton over the weekend, so we went camping down in Selsey. It was a little bit too hot if you ask me but enjoyed getting my tan on :). Today however its sunny, but slightly chilly so i've mixed a Summer cardigan with UGGS, so fashion meets pratical.

Cardigan is from Republic £20

White top is from Primark £4

Jeans are from Hollister £30

UGGS are Short Classics in Black which i got from Bank for £135 (originally £150 but i get student discount :)).

I have a Psychology exam in an hour boooooo. so wish me luck :) xo

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sleek Make-up

Took a trip to Superdrug today and got some goodies! So thought i would do a little review on them. Sleek isnt available in all Superdrugs so you would have to check their sites for stockists, i live in Southampton and we have one here but you can purchase online! I'm unsure whether they ship internationally you'd have to check that aswell! So this is what i bought,

I got 3 eyeshadow palettes (left to right) The Original, Sunset and Storm. I dont think i can say enough good things about Sleek eyeshadows. They are sooooooooooooo pigmented, i didnt think they would be so i loaded up my brush applied to my eye, looked in the mirror and looked like a giant glitterball! it was scary! Honestly though the colour pay off is amazing. The only thing i would say is that some have alot of glitter in them, but that wouldnt put me off buying more, with this in mind though, each palette comes with a MATTE black and The Original Palette comes with a couple more matte colours. These palettes are only £5 each and what a total bargain!

This blush is in the colour Coral and it looks really dark in the photo (the photos of all the products really dont do them any justice but you can check out the website for more pictures). This blush is exactly what it says, Coral its a really beautiful colour! I love to apply it to the apple of my checks with a 187 brush! I wouldnt overload it as it could look a little orange but apply it in proportion and its lovely :)

This is the Pout Polish with a SPF 15, on the side it is also called a tinted lip conditioner. I dont own any of the mac tinted lip conditioners so i cant compare sorry! This is in the colour Pink Cadillac and as you can see it is just a really bright pink, i would say it was brighter in person but i loveeees it :) its not sticky at all and it glides on the lips nicely, i would say though you have to have moisturised lips first, i tend to apply some Carmex or something first! The colour pay off is really good which surprised me i thought i would have to wear a lipstick under it but i didnt, its really pink on the lips! It has a really nice scent to it but i cant work out what it smells off and its really starting to annoy me!

This is the Sleek Ink Pot, this is the only product i was disapointed with. Im kind of new to liquid eyeliner and thought this is only like 4 quid so i'll just give it a go! Its really quite dry, you have to get past kind of the first layer till it gets a little more moist and easy to work with! I found it semi-easy to work with i used a 209 brush! I dont think i would purchase this again, i really hope not all liners are like this because i would really like to try out some others.
So if you have any recommendations of easy to use liners please let me know!

So thats all i got and i would defoo recommend this brand to anyone! They are great for those experimenting because you get a range of colours in the palettes there are loooooads of lipstick shades and its all very cheap! So, give it a go and let me know what you think about it :)
Have funn xo


Ok so i've been looking around at some online shops and i came across http://www.boohoo.com// some of the stuff looks really nice and its super cheap, i mean Jeans for £15 you cant go wrong?
I was just wondering if anyone had bought from there before and whether it was any good! I think im gunna order some stuff from there anyways so i'll let you know how i get on!

I'm trying to save lots of money at the moment, im saving for a Louis Vuitton! been saving now for about a year lol! Been working super super hard!! and i'll be going to London to get it which is where my nearest MAC is so will be getting lots and lots from there too!

See you guys later :) x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Finally studying Make-up

So today, i finally enrolled to Eastleigh College where in September i will be studying for a VCTC Cosmetic certificate Level 2! Every Monday evening for 3 and a half hours! How excited am i you ask? VERY! Because im still only 16 i am lucky enough to not have to pay to study the course, if i was an adult learner it would be like £135!

I am very excited that im finally going to get to be learning about the stuff that i want to! Its going to be weird actually learning from a professional make-up artist, weird but amazing! My mums friend did the course last year and she loved it. Two of my friends have also done the course and said it was one of the best things they ever did!

This course runs from September to Febuary, then i will start another course studying Make-up for Photography and Fashion which will take me up to June! These courses will give me the qualifications to work on mkae-up counters which i will be looking to do firstly! In the long run, im hoping to move to London and study at AOFM academy!

Its going to be hard studying Make-up and all my academic classes but im very much up for the challenge!

tooooooodles xo

Saturday, 24 April 2010


So today i did a 6 mile walk for a breast cancer charity. It was pretty amazing, lots of inspirational women there. My nanny val had the timely job of decorating our bras (all four of them). So the walk itself wasnt too bad, about half way through is when my feet started to really hurt. My body was fine, my feet not so much! I wasnt feeling to well before we left the house this morning but solidered on none of the wiser. However after the walk, i felt really really sick and on the way home in the car i was actually sick :( not fun, we put it down to not having a hat on the whole way round and the heat just getting to me and the fact that 6 miles is alot to do in one go for someone who has never done it before and no training! I still have a slight headache but the sicky feeling has gone thankfully. But feeling sick for one day is nothing compared to what some of the women at the charity walk have been through so i can put up with it :)
We have managed to raise alot of money with still more coming in which is brilliant!

Anyways, i'm off to bed because i am super tired (although i did sleep for four hours after the walk)
Ciao :) x

Friday, 23 April 2010

walk the walk

So i am up and at it! its 7:30am and i am getting ready to do the Celebrity Walk the Walk fundraiser. I am walking 6 miles around my local town and may i just add, i have done NOOO training! this is going to kill me right? Also we are doing it in our bras which we had to decorate, so that will be interesting! If you could sponsor that would be actually amazing, you can do it online the address is http://www.walkthewalkfundraising.org/watermelons thank you very much!
wish me luck :) x