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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Finally studying Make-up

So today, i finally enrolled to Eastleigh College where in September i will be studying for a VCTC Cosmetic certificate Level 2! Every Monday evening for 3 and a half hours! How excited am i you ask? VERY! Because im still only 16 i am lucky enough to not have to pay to study the course, if i was an adult learner it would be like £135!

I am very excited that im finally going to get to be learning about the stuff that i want to! Its going to be weird actually learning from a professional make-up artist, weird but amazing! My mums friend did the course last year and she loved it. Two of my friends have also done the course and said it was one of the best things they ever did!

This course runs from September to Febuary, then i will start another course studying Make-up for Photography and Fashion which will take me up to June! These courses will give me the qualifications to work on mkae-up counters which i will be looking to do firstly! In the long run, im hoping to move to London and study at AOFM academy!

Its going to be hard studying Make-up and all my academic classes but im very much up for the challenge!

tooooooodles xo