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Saturday, 24 April 2010


So today i did a 6 mile walk for a breast cancer charity. It was pretty amazing, lots of inspirational women there. My nanny val had the timely job of decorating our bras (all four of them). So the walk itself wasnt too bad, about half way through is when my feet started to really hurt. My body was fine, my feet not so much! I wasnt feeling to well before we left the house this morning but solidered on none of the wiser. However after the walk, i felt really really sick and on the way home in the car i was actually sick :( not fun, we put it down to not having a hat on the whole way round and the heat just getting to me and the fact that 6 miles is alot to do in one go for someone who has never done it before and no training! I still have a slight headache but the sicky feeling has gone thankfully. But feeling sick for one day is nothing compared to what some of the women at the charity walk have been through so i can put up with it :)
We have managed to raise alot of money with still more coming in which is brilliant!

Anyways, i'm off to bed because i am super tired (although i did sleep for four hours after the walk)
Ciao :) x