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Monday, 5 April 2010

Random Ramble

Hey guys and girls, been MIA recently! been very busy with College stuff, preparing fro exams. Why is it i am putting in so much effort for something that i do not want to do in life? It depresses me how i go to college everyday studying Law etc and all i can think about it Make-up! ahhhh, i just want to be studying Make-up NOWWWW! haha, can you tell im annoyed?

Well, Ebay has just taken lots of pennies out of my bank account :( :) i have purchased that 88 matte eyeshadow pallete known to all of you states folk as by Coastal Scents but us here in the UK have to get it off of Ebay. But i am very excited abou that arriving so i can play around with some more looks! I also bought a flat top buffer brush, just because im bored of applying my foundation everyday with a standard "190" brush. So i thought i would mix it up abit.
Also the other day i bought the Sigma complete brush kit, just because its so comparable to MAC and me cant afford MAC! Before i go to uni i'll probably get the advanced kit, but for now due to insufficient funds i am just getting the complete kit :) but am sooo excited. eeepppp!!!

I am supposed to be studying tomorrow, but am probably going to head down to Superdrug (a "drug" store in the UK)! Anyone got any best buys?

Anyways im off to be a blogger beauty geek :) cyaaaa xxxx