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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Barry M Nail Paint

So i am totally in love with the Barry M nail paints, i recently got a couple more in some brighter shades ready for summer, this one is in the colour Coral. Now, i think that coral is a mix of orange and pink this is a little more orange than pink but nethertheless its a beautiful colour. It can look a different colour at different times of the day if that makes sense lol. Like at night it appears more orange and depending on how bright the sun is it can look more pink. Despite this i still love it, i always think sometimes if im super tanned wearing a bright nail polish can look a bit tacky it always reminds me of Katie Price (N) but this doesnt, it just looks quirky.
The Barry M nail paints themselves are easy to apply but i would recommend putting a layer of clear polish over the top because they can chip at the top of the nail quite quickly. They offer a massive range of colours, which i s why thats where i get pretty much all my nail polishes because they have everything you would want.

So thats all i have to say on that :) I've finished my first year exams and now back at college starting my second year :( cant wait till september when i start my make-up for fashion and photography super exciteddddddd. But im going to London next month, im going to get lots of goodies i've been saving for about a year now so!! I have that to look forward to.

have a lovely day and Happy Fathers day to my dad and all the other men in my life that are looking out for me. Love you all xo